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Riding in nature

Enjoy one of our horse riding trips through picturesque terrains, forest roads, open glades ...

Enjoy exploring beautiful nature while the sound of horse hooves breaks the silence. We invite you for riding in nearby forests, open glades, riverbanks as an unforgettable experience that creates memories.

Recreational riding and riding in nature

For inexperienced riders

In a riding arena with an instructor and an assistant, each participant can ride and learn the basics of horse riding.

For more experienced riders

More experienced riders can start exploring the surrounding forests, mountain paths, open glades accompanied by a guide and socializing with friends.

For our experienced members

Meadows and glades that invite you to enjoy a gallop or a gentle ride in the saddle while the hoofs of your favorite horse compete with other sounds of nature.

We will show you

Hidden places for a short break for riders and horses with tea or coffee. Experience the peace and quiet of untouched nature in the company of the beautiful animals.

Magical forests that deserve their name in the truest sense of the word.

Just the opportunity to be with the horses and become part of their world gives immense pleasure.

30 min
Test ride in the riding arena with an instructor
50 BAM
30 min
Riding in nature.
60 BAM
1 sat
Riding in nature.
100 BAM
2 sata
Riding in nature.
160 BAM
6 sati
Half-day horse riding (snack and refreshments included in the price).
300 BAM

Multi-day riding

For horse lovers, there is probably nothing more beautiful than a multi-day ride through nature. The experience of getting closer to nature and horses is hard to compare with anything else.
A five-day riding experience from dreams, through the most beautiful Bosnian landscapes and destinations that take your breath away with their beauty.
The Via Dinarica horse riding tour fulfills the most demanding wishes of riders and nature lovers. A certain level of rider training is required to embark on this riding adventure.
For detailed information about multi-day riding visit our website